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      Steam Efficiency
      Robert Benz, P.E. 11.08

        Energy Efficiency in the steam
        industry has been long overlooked
        and often believed to be impossible.
        Engineers have followed the
        befief that boilers need to run at
        full load 24 hrs a day.
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      Data Aquisition
      and Plant Efficiency
      Patricia Spiritus,
      General Manager 11.08

        Data Aquisition is the key to
        getting the most out of both your
        power plant and your energy dollar
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      Evaluating a Successful
      Marcel Staedter

        Clients come to us for a variety of
        reasons. Some are looking to lower
        their CO2 emissions, some are looking
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4 to 200klb/hour in 300 seconds!
An upgrade turns an old existing backup boiler into a
Ultra High Turndown Fast Ramp Boiler

1/10th the cost of a fast ramp boiler

LyondellBassell Morris Illinois Boiler 6 was upgraded with CompuNOx Controls providing the cogeneration plant the optimum solution for backup steam . Benz Air upgraded a 250klb/hour 650psig, 740F superheat boiler with a new burner management and combustion control system resulting in a phenominal 58 to one turndown, capable of ramping to 200klb/hour within 300 seconds! Once requiring over 20 minutes to meet half load, the newly upgraded "hot rod" boiler with its extremely low turndown saves over $3000/day in energy costs while providing redundant backup steam. Percolating at 4300lb/hour, the boiler's paracitic electrical consumption is less than 1kw, the main flame operation allowing fast ramp to meet any disruption in cogenerated steam supply without having to go through prepurge.


Benz Air Engineering Delivers The Most Efficient Systems In The World.

The Benz Air Engineering designed the CondiMax flue gas condensing heat exchanger, a system which extracts far greater heat than either direct or indirect heat exchangers. The system utilizes a two stage heat exchange design, recovering the remaining sensible heat without the waste assocated with direct contact heat exchangers. As a result, the CondiMax system can preheat makeup water to over 220F, while providing stack temperatures less than 100F. In addition to meeting the definition of best available technology, Benz Air Engineering successfully exceeds all federal emission guidelines by upgrading select components along with any retrofit and installation. This is the only approach that has consistently delivered the best return on investment for more than 200 installations worldwide.

The Super Boiler

Benz Air Engineering


Seneca Foods,Modesto,CA

  • 96% Efficiency
  • less than 5ppm NOx
  • CO2 reduction: 562 metric tonnes
  • 97F Stack Temperature